Secondhand sea kayaks and sit-on-top kayaks

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Sea Kayak Hong Kong regularly refreshes its fleet of Ocean Tourer sea kayaks and sit-on-top canoes.
As the kayaks being replaced become available, they will be promoted here. 

All kayaks will be in good to great condition and less than 3 years old unless otherwise stated.  The prices set for each kayak will be determined by its condition and age.  In addition our Sea Kayak Club members sometimes sell their kayaks for various reasons. These will also be for sale on this shop.

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We are regularly retiring our old sea kayaks and sit-on-tops from our tour and club fleets.

As stated earlier, in this shop we only sell equipment we are 100% confident in, and that means we only sell equipment that we use ourselves in our daily operations.

So every product listed as new on this site will also become available as second hand once it reaches its use by date in our sea kayaking services.

These kayaks will be in 3 yrs old or less and have different prices depending on the type and condition they are in. 


As they only become available sparodically, if you are interested in one of these kayaks when they become available, please subscribe on the form so that we can notify you when they become available (if you do not see anything you like listed below).  





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