Gift Vouchers for Tours, Training & Equipment

Gift Vouchers for Tours & Training

In order to become a safe and competent sea kayaker, it is necessary to gain experience and develop skills.

These gift vouchers are to provide kayak owners with the opportunity to learn new skills from high quality instructors. The training courses offered by Sea Kayak Hong Kong are based on international standards and techniques for sea kayaking and ocean safety. For more details on the training courses, use the following link, it will open a new page. Sea kayak training courses.

The sea kayak tours operated by Sea Kayak Hong Kong provide the beginner sea kayaker the opportunity to explore the amazing coastal environment of Hong Kong safely under the guidance and supervision of a professional intructor. For more details on the sea kayak tours, use the following link, it will open a new page. Sea kayak tours.

Gift Vouchers for kayaking equipment are available on request.
Use the form below to get your personalised kayak equipment gift voucher.

All Gift Vouchers are valid for 12 months from date of purchase.

Kayak Equipment Gift Voucher request.

Because of the variables with the kayaking equipment and the size and abilities of individuals, we have found it is better for customer satisfaction to provide a category based voucher system rather than offer a specific product. 

We then personalise it so that it can be given as a gift, to be specifically picked (chosen) by the recipient to suit their needs.

So, by completing the form, we can create a personalised gift that you can be assured will be the right gear for your friend or loved one.


Listed in the form are the category types and a value of the voucher to be used against any equipment in that category.  

Once completed, you will be contacted by our design team to finalise the voucher for you.

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