Sea Kayak Spray Deck


The sea kayak spray deck (sometimes known as a spray skirt) is an essential safety item for a paddler who wants to take a sea kayak onto the open ocean or paddle in unprotected waters with ocean swells or wind waves.
Designed to keep water out of the kayak hull, the spray deck is worn around the paddler’s waist, then once sitting in the kayak, the elasticated edge of the deck is clipped over the sea kayak hatch rim forming a watertight seal.



The spray deck is made of a stretchable neoprene material that easily accommodates the paddler’s waist and the ocean kayaks’ cockpit sizes, although needs to be made to suit the individual sea kayak cockpit design.

We offer 2 different cockpit designs on the sea kayak we sell.
The Standard size fits all doubles and the All-Rounder Ocean Tourers.
The Explorer Size fits the 5.1m and 5.4m Explorer Ocean Tourers.

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