Family Sit-On-Top Canoe or Kayak (seats 3)


This family Sit-On-Top canoe or kayak has room for 2 adults with a small child seated between the two, it has a total safe capacity of 250kg. It is relatively long and wide for a sit-on-top canoe so is extremely stable. It’s also easily controlled so can be used by 2 teenaged children (a common question). Comes in a variety of safety colours and blends.

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A deposit of 50% is required to purchase any kayak or sea kayak.
If we do not have the selected item in stock there is usually a 2-week wait, however, the COVID pandemic has created some supply chain delays, so for backorders, there will be a 4 to 8-week wait before the order arrives in Hong Kong.

All canoes and sea kayaks can be collected from Sai Kung.
We do not ship to other locations unless specifically agreed and additional charges will apply.

Additional Information

Weight 29 kg
Dimensions 390 × 85 m

red, yellow, lime green, orange, blend





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