Ocean Tourer – Explorer 5.4m Single Sea Kayak


This 5.4m Explorer single sea kayak is a more sophisticated sea kayak than the All-Rounder and is made for larger paddlers than the 5/1m variant. It has harder chines (edges) that make “edging” your sea kayak more effective, therefore providing greater control in stronger wind conditions. It also features a retractable skeg (a fin) that lowers down into the sea to keep the kayak moving in a straight line. This kayak is more suited to the lighter paddler (60 to 100 kgs) and someone who wants to take their sea kayaking skills past the intermediate stage.

It is the fastest sea kayak we offer and features 3 watertight bulkheads. Because the skeg takes up room in the rear hull compartment, this sea kayak does not carry as much gear as the All-Rounder, however is still great for short camping trips.

A very comfortable seat means sitting for 6 or 8 hours a day is not an issue.
All our Ocean Tourer range of sea kayaks are suitable for paddling in open ocean conditions (meaning outside of protected waters).



A deposit of 50% is required to purchase any kayak or sea kayak.
If we do not have the selected item in stock there is usually a 2-week wait, however, the COVID pandemic has created some supply chain delays, so for backorders, there will be a 4 to 8-week wait before the order arrives in Hong Kong.

All canoes and sea kayaks can be collected from Sai Kung.
We do not ship to other locations unless specifically agreed and additional charges will apply.

Single Layer:
A single layer kayak is molded with one layer of HDPE (High Density) plastic.

This is cheaper to manufacture than the (recommended) 3 layer foam sandwich version, but if you are wishing for a more budget version, this base model will provide you with years of good service (correctly stored out of the sun and off the ground).

1 layer vs 3 layers:

A1 layer kayak is less stiff than a 3 layer kayak so will not handle as well in ocean conditions. It will also be a little slower as it changes shape as it penetrates waves.
All kayaks have a 12-month warranty on manufacturing issues.

Additional Information

Weight 28 kg
Dimensions 5 m

1 layer, 3 Layer Foam Sandwich





2nd hand