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Frequently Asked Questions

Short answer – no.
Having a retail outlet for a niche product like sea kayaks in Hong Kong is prohibitively expensive and would drive the cost of the products through the roof. 
We have 2 storage locations, both on the waterfront that provide easy access for testing. 1 is in Sai Kung the other at Kei Ling Ha, Ma On Shan.

By appointment.
Our office is 25 minutes drive from the bases, so it is necessary to make an appointment to visit and view the kayaks. 

We only sell sea kayaks and sit-on-top canoes that we know and trust.

All the models we sell we use in our regular sea kayak trips, in our training courses or as club kayaks in our Sea Kayak Club.

We have kayaked the entire cost of Hong Kong in these models and so we know they are very suitable for the Hong Kong coastal waters.

Sea kayaks are small seaworthy boats with a covered deck and the ability to incorporate a spray deck.

Sea kayaks are used around the world for sea journeys from a few hours to many weeks, as they can accommodate one or two paddlers together with room for camping gear, food, water, and other supplies.

Modern sea kayaks have watertight bulheads (bow and stern) for safety and storage.
They are generally sleek, 4.5 m or more in length and are designed to travel in a straight line.

Sea kayaks need skills to control so beginners should invest in a basic training course or join a club before venturing out onto the ocean.

A Sit-on-Top (SoT) is technically a canoe but is often referred to as a
kayak because it is controlled with a kayak paddle.

The SoT is a completely watertight vessel with a moulded deck so that you can sit comfortably and paddle.

The SoTs that we sell are designed for recreational use in sheltered waters.
They are less than 4m long, are about 0.8m wide and stable which makes them easy to paddle but very slow.

These canoes are suitable for having a fun play on the ocean. Great for couples or families too.

There are no special skills required to control these

Assess what you want to do first. If you
are wanting to go long distances (10kms or more) and explore the coastal waters of Hong Kong. If you have or are willing to
develop skills to support your desire to explore then you will need a seakayak.
If you are going to stay in confined bays or sheltered inlets and just use the boat for a bit of fun at the beach or take short paddle trips, then a Sit-on-Top would make a better choice.

Yes, of course. This is highly recommended to make sure the kayak is what you want.

As mentioned before, an appointment is needed as the storage base is not manned.

Appointments are best made by whatsapp to +852 5506 3620

There are essential skills required to paddle a sea kayak safely. 
If you do not have those skills, you need to acquire them as soon as possible so that you do not put yourself at risk. The 3 main elements are:
1. Kayak control – using your paddle to control your sea kayak.
2. Understanding basic rescue techniques.
3. Understanding the weather and ocean.
All tehse courses are available either online or in practical workshops.

Kayaks to Bags

Our ocean brothers from Kayak Asia have been locked down now for over a year. They are repurposing their old kayaks as a new venture to support themselves during these very trying times. if you want to buy a bag that has been used to carry people all around southeast Asia and support some amazing people, have a look at these handcrafted (pun intended) accessories. All money raised goes to our kayaking friends in the Philippines.  

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