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Handcrafting Conservation

From the waters of the Philippines, and now to your shoulders in Hong Kong – the Brugera Day Bag is made to care for you and the environment and not the other way around!

The Brugera is a bag that can hold all that you will need in your day.

The bag is Kayak Asia’s up-cycling initiative conceived through Project Nova, the company’s transformation journey through a pandemic.

Designing and engineering the bag began with the lockdowns that forced the closure of kayak operations which meant no trips to organise and no means of living for the kayak guides.

Handlebar Bag

forest green handlbar bag
handlebag dimensions

Bike Bag & Pannier

mini shoulder bag
mini Brugera

Shoulder Day Bag

day bag shoulder
day bag dimensions

Learning new skills

Facing uncertainty, the project inspirited reason to develop new skills and dig up old ones while in sequestration. This 80% upcycled and 100% handcrafted bag is proudly our first production model out of Project Nova!

Constructed primarily with “nitrilon”, a unique material from the company’s fleet of inflatable kayaks that have seen better days on the water. It is tested tough, proven durable and resistant to all weather conditions.
Best of all, it is non-toxic and not made of PVC like a lot of inflatable boats.

It also carries with it some of the most unforgettable memories we’ve ever had on the water servicing countless kayaking trips all over southeast Asia in nearly a decade.
Kayaks have shown us not only how amazing the waters in our region are but also how far and wide our trash has spread. This is also why we thoughtfully considered what to do with these crafts when retired from service.

These kayaks may no longer float, but we decided it is not ending up as another piece of trash in our landfills. Every scratch or patch is a story of adventure we want to share. So we blend it with an organic dye to accent a minimalist design while exuding a new character. Nitrilon’s end-of-life is said to be a hundred years, therefore there’s so much time left to breathe more purpose to its durable existence.

If you may have signed up for one of their kayaking trips over the past decade, then perhaps it probably was a kayak of this kind that you took in that journey. It has explored remote waters, crisscrossing rivers and islands in our region. Its journey now has come full circle here in the Philippines after its long service of adventure.their 

kayak to bag

Get a great bag & help 2 great causes. Win / win / win.





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