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A sea kayak is a kayak in which you sit ‘inside’ while you journey on the ocean (sea). It is designed to travel fast and in a straight line and is usually 5m or longer, with water-tight bulkheads for gear storage and buoyancy.
You control the kayak with a 2 bladed paddle. 
The sea kayak requires skills to control so some form of training is usually required. 

Best referred to as a Sit-On-Top, as it is neither a kayak nor a canoe. This hybrid vessel does not have a deck so is a canoe, but is controlled with a 2 bladed paddle so is a kayak. 
The sit-on-top is usually less than 4m in length and fairly wide which means it is much slower than a sea kayak. It is great for short distance paddle trips around sheltered bays. Not recommended for open ocean journeys. Very easy for beginners to use.

We currently do not have a physical shop. We have a storage location and our Sha Ha Rd operations base. All kayaks and accessories are delivered to 

Because we don’t have a physical shop, our base is only manned when we have tours or training courses happening. 

However, if you want to view or try one of teh kayaks, you can simply email us or whatsapp and arrange a time that is convenient with all parties, any day of the week.

YES. As we use the same kayak designs that we sell (thats how we can guarentee the suitability), there will generally be a similar kayak that you are looking at available to take for a short paddle (allow 15 minutes).

However, you will need to organise a time (see opening hours question).

Yes. We inspect every kayak as it arrives from the factory before storing in at our base. Once you take possession, we will replace or repair and factory defects or failures, that may occur under normal use while you are kayaking. However, structural damage not caused while actually kayaking is not covered by any warranty (if you store it near the water and someone breaks it or a typhoon blows etc etc. 

To let you know, wwe use them on a daily basis and have not had a factory failure yet.

It is a term used to describe ordering a kayak from the factory (either because we do not have the type of kayak you want in stock or you want a special colour scheme etc). In this instance there may be a delay due to manufacture and transport. Allow 2 to 8 weeks (COVID has impacted this dramatically).


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